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~Shel Silverstein

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Need to WRITE!!

So, it’s Thursday again—which means it’s time for my first Thursday’s Children post of the New Year. For anyone who doesn’t know, Thursdays Children is all about inspiration. It’s hosted by Rhiann Wynn-Nolet and Kristina Perez. The linky list is open and we’re always looking for new people to jump onboard!!

This post is easy enough to write for me, because I just posted in IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group) about not feeling inspired with my new WIP. The gist of my post yesterday was that I’m powering through it. 

Honestly, I've never dealt with writer's block, so
when I sat down to work a few days ago, I was mildly horrified that the words seemed to be super-glued to the back of my brain. Unsticking them long enough to drag them all the way to the keyboard had me breaking a sweat.

Do you ever feel in a rut?

But I did it, mostly because I’m working with my son on this book and—after putting off writing the entire holiday season—I’d promised him we’d start on the first. So, I told myself I had to get to 1,000 words. And guess what? Having the goal made it easier. And, the next time I sat down to do my thousand, the words came  a little faster. And today, they came as fast as I could type them and I didn't have to set a goal. Just those two days of having a reachable objective was enough. 

I think the problem was that I'd just gotten in a rut. I was doing revisions for months--which both is and isn't writing. I mean, it is--but it's not using the part of your brain it takes to create something NEW. And then I took a month off. Between the two things, my brain wasn’t sure what the hell I wanted it to do when I asked it to come up with something fresh. So, now I’ve learned my lesson. 
I'm trying not to let this be me!! :)

The plan from now on, is to always make sure I'm writing. Flash fiction. Short stories. Poetry. Whatever it takes to stay fresh.  

How about you guys? Have you ever dealt with writer’s block? Do you think revising keeps the mind as fresh as writing? Any tips on staying sharp?

Also, while I have you here--I'm curious. What is the one thing you have to have in order to write? For me it's either a frappe or some coffee/tea. I mean, it's not a have it or die thing...but it's close. haha You guys?


  1. There is some truth to that in that long stretches of not writing make it difficult to start again. Been there, done that.
    I think the only thing I really need to write is music.

  2. I need relative quiet to write. Not always easy to come by. And yes, I've been revising for a while and am a little nervous about what will happen when I start something new. Which will be after a bit more revising and when I come up with an idea that I think is worth the time/effort investment.

  3. I totally agree. I'm afraid if I switch my writing brain off for too long that it'll never come back on! Thanks so much for joining us. R and I have both been having some technical difficulties this week, but hopefully we've overcome them ;-)

  4. I work on another project if I'm stuck. I always like to be productive. I also revisit the outline of whatever project I'm stuck on.

  5. Revising sucks... but it has its moments, too. You don't get the complete rush that you do from creating something something new, but you DO get the satisfaction of making something better.

    I've quickly learned, though, that revising is pretty much re-writing :) So I've taken that opportunity to re-imagine and make it feel fresh once again.

    Glad you found your mojo — go for it!


  6. I've been having that trouble too having taken the holidays off. I don't think taking so much time off writing is always good. Next year I might just write a little bit every day, so it will be easier once the holidays are over.

  7. Having a goal in mind for the day or the week helps me write. And I, too, have to have my coffee or coffee-ish drink on hand. :)

  8. I have definitely dealt with writer's block, and I think it was tied up in the "trying to make my brilliant story idea from years ago work, dang-it, work" thing. I finally released my death grip on it in October last year and wrote something new, and writing's never been easier.

    I don't really need anything to write, but since I get distracted by being dehydrated I often sit down with a glass of water. If I'm really stressed a hot bath sorts me out.

  9. Goals are amazing. Participating in NaNoWriMo showed me I can pump out an incredible amount of words if pressed to meet a goal. I absolutely had to be a winner, therefore, 50,000 words flowed (mostly smooth) in that month. Finding the time to write every day, without the pressure to win is difficult for me. Therefore, I am going to keep all Calendars in the house on November...Coffee is most certainly a must!

  10. One thing that always helps me move forward is to stop writing (or revising) in the middle of action. If I finish a scene, it's much more difficult to move on to the next one. But if I stop in the middle - even if I'm desperate to move forward - it's so much easier to pick it up next time I have a chance to write. And I always need something to drink - tea, coffee, water, iced tea. And sometimes I need music, too. :)

  11. I am impressed. Your first writer's block? really? I had had hundreds of them, but then again I do stop writing for long periods. Right now I'm in one. Should change that.

  12. Hi Tamara ... Spring is coming thankfully - we'll all feel brighter and raring to go then. I have too much going ... and now I'm nearly at the point when I can plan and then those chattery brain cells will be able to get into line - that's the plan!

    I write with a glass of water, often in quiet ... occasionally with some music along in the background - hate being disturbed!

    Happy New Year and lots of success in 2013 .... Hilary

  13. Glad you managed to power through! I definitely get writer's block from time to time...I either push through (if I want to write, but can't think of anything to write) or else I focus on reading or cleaning or something else until my motivation kicks up again. But having it sucks. It feels kind of like you'll never be able to write again! But luckily, it never lasts too long for me. Hopefully you always get through them relatively quickly, too!

  14. I'm glad that you're back on track. I often get writer's block, and then some silly thing will happen that will jump start an idea. I also love frappes and other coffee drinks. I usually get them to power through long walks, and will take a quick handful of something sweet or salty for long stints on the computer.


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