If you're a dreamer, a wisher, a liar
A hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean buyer
If you're a pretender come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin
Come in...come in...
~Shel Silverstein

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Build A Blog Hop

First things first--my blog is still broken. Once in awhile (when my blog is in a happy mood) I can reply to someone's comment on here but, mostly, I can't. I apologize and I promise to come visit your blogs since I can't talk to you on mine!!
Hi Guys!

UGH!! I'm so late!! Soooorrryy!!! Today is the BUILD ME A BLOGHOP hosted by DAVID POWERS KING.  The rules, as explained by David, are: 

Welcome to Build Me A Blog - Hop!

Here's how this monkey's going to swing:

- Join this blog (if you already have, that's one less step!).

- Copy the button. Post it on your blog (link back to this post).

- Sign the Linky at the end of this post (closes Dec 19th). 

- On December 20th, by 8 AM MST, include in your post a 200 word description of your dream blog/site/banner/avatar/etc. What would it look like? I'll read all the entries and select three winners who wowed me so much that I want to see their description come to life!

Winners will be announced December 24th. See prizes on David's site
Clearly, I'm quite late with this. My excuse is a good one though, since I am currently suffering the agonies of the flu. Because of that, I forgot to post this last night and then didn't pull myself out of bed and onto my laptop until two o'clock this afternoon--at which point I remembered that I was supposed to have my entry up. 

I'm sure my lateness disqualifies me, but I wanted to play anyway, just for fun, cause it was an awesome blog-hop idea!! So, here is my description of my dream banner... 
I know an apple tree covered in blossoms would be the dominant thing I’d want. Around it would be tons of exotic plants, grass, flowers etc...All the vegetation, besides the flowers and apple tree, would be shades of blue.

I know the vegetation isn't all crazy and exotic blue, but I like the tree
I’d want my girl MC leaning against the apple tree. She has vivid maroon hair cut in a jagged pixie. Silver stud in her nose. Huge grey eyes. Vine tattoo on her neck. BUT—here’s where it gets tricky--I’d want two other girls somewhere around her. Both of them would be translucent. One would have purple eyes and long dark hair, the other medium length wavy red hair and bluish-green eyes.

Up in my purple sky, I’d want a suspension board (skateboard-looking thing) flying by with a silhouetted guy crouched on it. Also, three overlapping moons.

I’d want four animals amongst the vegetation. A giant dog with blue spots. A small, fox-looking dog. A black rat. A black cat. (The small dog and the rat have to be together.)

And—scattered in the grass-- a steampunk watch with the time running backwards, a slingshot, a guitar, a black cloak, a small vial of glowing-blue liquid, a tarot card, a knife and an apple.  

So, did I make it hard enough? Haha. You did say it could be my dream banner, so I let my imagination go wild. The pictures I could find didn't do the image in my head justice but, what are you gonna do, right? 

Again, really sorry for being late on this!! I'm off to see some other people's dream blogs!!


  1. Aww sorry you are feeling poorly but better late than never! Your description is great, it sounds like you have a real picture of what you would like in your head. Good luck.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! And the suspension board image fits one of my own WIP's too, so I can visualize that image well.

  3. Sorry you feel bad! But your blog design description is great.

  4. Your description is very specific. I wish I had such great vision. I just Google pictures until I find something I like. Good Luck!

  5. Hopefully you get well soon. I like your dream blog with so many things. :D

  6. Wow, what a detailed vision. I like your tree and your novel sounds awesome just from the descriptions you have given here. I hope you feel better soon!!

  7. I hope blogger works for you soon. It is annoying when it messes up and one doesn't know why or how to fix it.

  8. Hope you feel much better:) Thanks for the descriptions... made lots of sense to me.

  9. I have a confession to make ... I'm under the weather, too (hence me sleeping all afternoon and finally catching up on entries), so no worries. You've got some amazing ideas here that's getting my own imagination going. Great stuff! Thanks for joining in and best of luck to you! :)

  10. love all the details! really personalizes it! good luck!


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