If you're a dreamer, a wisher, a liar
A hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean buyer
If you're a pretender come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin
Come in...come in...
~Shel Silverstein

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursdays Children...Love

It's time for Thursday's Children, a weekly bloghop where writers can share their sources of inspiration. It's hosted by Rhiann Wynn-Nolet at A Nest of Words   and Kristina Perez

So, my topic for today is love. What is more inspiring than love, in all its many forms? And, since today is Valentines Day, it seems even more fitting. So, here is a poem I wanted to share with you guys. I can't take credit for this one. It was written by my son, Chance.


What is love?
Is it something we buy?
Is it a potion? An antidote?
Is it a drug? A hallucinogenic?

A lie we tell ourselves?
Maybe a lie other’s tell us.
Sometimes it’s only a dream.
A hope of a different life. A better world.  

We search, never knowing where we’ll find it.
Maybe hiding behind that girl’s eyes
or waiting in that boy’s arms.
Its comfort can rest in your mothers and fathers.
Sisters and brothers. Sons and daughters.

 But sometimes it dances--a sprite just out of reach--tempting you to leap forward.
Will you fly? Or fall?
 Is that a chance you’re willing take?

Love can be deadly or brilliant.
Love can drive you to the edge of insanity
Or be the one thing yanks you back.

You can chase it--try to hold it.
 I dare you and I warn you,
Because it’s a wild fire that can burn your world away,
Or warm it in the years to come.

 Never has there been and never will there be such a dangerous light as love.
So what is love?
Love is chaotic perfection.

Thursdays children is a weekly bloghop, so feel free to jump in anytime! I'll be damned if I can make the linky list work even with the code Rhiann so kindly provided. I feel like an idiot, but I'm always trying to put up posts when it's super late at night and my brain is too fried to mess with anything. haha. So, if you're interested in joining, click HERE

Also, quick writer question! The third to last line of the poem is: "Never has there been and never will there by such a dangerous light as love"  Can someone tell me if that line needs a comma somewhere? For a writer, my punctuation skills can be sadly lacking. 

And, I wanted to end this post by asking you guys for some of your favorite love stories.  They can be in the form of a book, movie, song...whatever. What love inspires you?


  1. You are not alone in being challenged by that Linky...

    A beautiful poem, you must be so proud of your son. Sadly I can't help you with the commas because they confuse me almost as much as the linky. Although my rule of thumb with poetry is put them whereever you like for emphasis. (I'm not a purist obviously).

    For me the simple gestures that say I love you inspire me. Was there any line that said this more than in the Princess Bride: 'As you wish...'

  2. Try:
    Never has there been, and never will there be, such a dangerous light as love.

    Because the sentence can stand on its own without the phrase "and never will there be" that needs to be set apart with commas.

    Also, I really like the line, Love is chaotic perfection. It really is. :)

  3. Usually I don't quite get poems in English but this one I liked a LOT. Plenty of chaos and sweetness, just as I think love is.
    Favorite love stories, let me think. Movies: Shakespeare in Love, Someone's gotta give and Eat, Pray, Love.
    Songs: Louis Armstrong's What a wonderful world puts me in a very lovable mood. As Time Goes By too but in a different type of loving mood.
    Books: those who mix romance with adventure like The Black Corsair series. :)
    TV Series: The Beauty and the beast with Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton. I learned all the poems there by heart.

  4. Great poem! I like Chris' version of that line above, BUT I also like it without the commas too... (I'm trying to purge my own work of too many commas). I do like the smoothness of the way it is sans-comma.

    The thing that inspires me most about love is how it can make you forget everything else. Problems, worries, everything around you. It just puts you in the moment, even when you're on the verge of (*gasp*) getting killed. So as cheesy as they are, my favourites scenes from books/movies are when protags get caught up with love at inopportune times.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. @ Raewyn I have never seen The Princess Bride but so many people list it as their fave that I have got to check it out one of these days! I tried to go to your site and hit add you to my friends circle, but it wouldn't work. Thanks for visiting, and if you know how to add me, please do! :)

      @ Chris Duh. I can't believe I missed that. The setting apart the phrase that isn't needed is literally the one comma rule I usually know. haha. Thanks for the help!

      @ John Those are some of my favorite moments in books too. Definitely love it when the characters end up kissing or something at a totally inappropriate moment. haha

  5. And love, we have to have it!
    Always liked the love story in Doc Hollywood. The girl reminds me of my wife.

  6. What a sweet poem! Kudos to your son. I lack the skillz to comment on where a comma is supposed to go (just ask my CPs and they would gladly tell you) so I can't really help you there.

    I have so many favorite love stories. If I am forced to choose a movie, it would have to be The Notebook. Love that Ryan Goesling!

  7. Lovely poem by your son! Thanks for sharing it. I agree with Chris on the comma :) And my favorite love stories are, of course, Romeo and Juliet, Rhett and Scarlett, and I love the movie "Sommersby". Wonderful post!!

    1. @ Alex I've never seen Doc Hollywood. Is that an older movie?

      @ Jaybird Funny you should mention The Notebook (which is also one of my faves) When Chance (who is now sixteen) was six years old, he went with his older sisters to see this. Me and him used to do mom and son day (I tried to do that with all my kids, in an effort to spend some one on one time with them) and, when it came time for him to choose what we were doing together, he insisted on going to see The Notebook again cause he wanted to share it with me. He said it was the best movie he'd ever seen. He was SIX years old. haha. That's when I knew I had a very special kid on my hands...

    2. @ Kate Love Romeo and Juliet (who doesnt'?) and Rhett and Scarlett. Must've read Gone with the Wind five or six times during my teen years. :) I've never seen Sommersby. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. What a wonderful boy he is! Sharing the love of writing must really make your relationship extra special. I seem to have slept through the grammar classes that would have taught me proper comma placement, but I do agree that Chris's suggestion makes a lot of sense. Very sorry you're having trouble with the Linky. Maybe John can help you better, since he also uses Blogger (and is way more "techy" than I am). Some of my favorite love songs - "Chasing Cars" (Snow Patrol), "Raise the Fire to the Third Bar" (also Snow Patrol), "Everlong" (Foo Fighters), "Collide" (Howie Day).

  9. Kudos to your son and thanks for asking about love stories. One of my favorites is The Princess Bride. :)

    1. You're the second person to mention that. I'm the only person on Earth who hasn't seen this movie. haha. I'll check it out one of these days!

  10. Thanks for spreading the love around via your son's beautiful poem... what a smart boy!

  11. @ Rhiann John already told me how to do it, but I couldn't find the message from him and it was like one in the morning and I was tired. haha. But I linked directly to the sign-up on the linky-list, so it's probably just as good. You and I seem to have extremely similar taste in music. I LOVE every song you named!! And yeah, writing definitely pulls me and Chance together. He's such an awesome kid. I could brag about him all day but I will spare you. haha

    @ Michelle I'm glad you enjoyed it. thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. beautiful message and written so well

    as for that line, i would split it into 3 lines & drop the "and" but in poetry, grammar is to the discretion of the poet

    fave valentine movie, french kiss =)

  13. I just saw that the above commenter mentioned French Kiss~ I love that movie! I also love When Harry Met Sally

  14. The Swan Princess is my favorite Disney love story! I'm going to go re-watch the opening now...

  15. I love that poem! I have a couple of punctuation type suggestions, if you're interested, but I wouldn't want to overstep. You should enter this in contests or submit to a poetry publication. Great job!

    1. Any punctuation suggestions would be highly appreciated!! And my son is entering this in a young poets contest.:)

    2. I'd love to help! I can email you. What's your address?

  16. You have a very talented son! Beautiful poem!

  17. I really liked this poem. When it comes to romance my mind is currently on Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter Series and the animated Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

  18. Chris has the punctuation right. Love stories that I love? When I need a romance film, I watch Romancing the Stone.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  19. The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, and Tristan and Isolde (with James Franco) are some of my favorite romantic movies:-) Wonderful poem--I showed it to my 12yo daughter since she's forever writing poetry. And congrats to your 8th grader for winning that play contest--just saw that post! Looks like you are a family of talented writers!!! P.S. You won a copy of my book, 18 Things, from commenting on Talynn's blog. Sorry to leave message here, but I couldn't find your email. Let me know if you'd like an ebook or paperback:-)

  20. @ Laura Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. :)

    @ Sheena-Kay I love Ron and Hermione together. They're so damn cute. And Little Mermaid is one of my fave Disney movies. :)

    @ Shannon I remember that from the eighties. I haven't seen it in years, but I remember liking it. :)

    @ Jamie I've never seen The Princess Bride. So many people mentioned it that it's on my list. I'll have to check out Tristan and Isolde too. Thanks very much for the congrats. And YAY!!! I can't believe I won. :) That is a very happy surprise. I'll stop by your blog to give you my address. Thank you!!!

  21. That sure is a thorough look at love! lol
    In your line:
    "Never has there been and never will there be such a dangerous light as love."
    I don't think you need commas because it isn't confusing, although you could put in two: one after "been" and the other after "be." However, I'd change the "and" to "nor."

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